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expand your market…

98 Webs, located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi off of Highway 98 West, a well established growth area for the metropolitan area, offers complete web design, maintenance and content management services throughout the Pine Belt.

Our goal is to help your business or organization increase its exposure (beyond facebook) by presenting essential information about your business in a user friendly, organized and aesthetically pleasing manner.

When potential clients, customers or supporters search for the products or services that you offer, they will find just what they are looking for and digest it within the first few seconds on your website, a critical time element in today’s culture.

While social media plays an important role in your overall marketing strategy, such as product and event promotions, it can’t take the place of a well designed website.

Keep in mind that everyone is not on facebook, but nearly everyone is on the web.

Let us help your use the available tools in the right way to expand your market and add to your bottom line.